Starting a new business or updating an old one? 

It all takes planning. Let us help you ...

Personal Service and Expertise

Business / Finance Writing and Consulting

Business idea development

Entrepreneur coaching

Marketing strategy

Business plans

Disclosure documents

Investor relations advisory

Economic planning

Strategic introductions

Web Property Brokerage

We assist in selling and buying money-making web properties.

Business/Finance Writer

Professional writing services for your important projects - marketing, compliance, business plans and presentations.

Entrepreneur Coaching Services -
We have been working with start-ups since 1997. One of the most difficult things in starting a business is knowing what works and what doesn't.

Entrepreneurs can spend a lot of time and money developing their business ideas, only to find a key element has been overlooked or an assumption that seemed correct actually turns out to be false. Our expertise helps you avoid those setbacks.

We act as your trusted advisers. We have 20 years experience in top-tier Wall Street investment banking and corporate finance plus nearly another 20 years working with start-ups in many different industries.

We can answer your questions and guide you along the steps to take in developing your ideas, planning your business, build-out and launch.

We specialize in bootstrapping.

We can introduce you to incubators, attorneys, IT specialists and other service providers that are key to your operations.

We also can help you through meetings with investors, negotiating strategies and the decisions you must make.

Our coaching services are available by the hour. Contact us for information.

Our Most Popular Service -

Positioning Sessions

The biggest problem most entrepreneurs face is getting lost in their own businesses. With all the effort and stress involved in building a business, running it and marketing its products and services, it is easy to leave behind the ideas and passions that were so strong and clear when you first started on your entrepreneurial journey.

It happens to everyone. That is why our clients come back regularly to go through our positioning sessions to get in touch with what their businesses are all about. 

My favorite example is IBM. When computers were new and few understood their capabilities, IBM stopped trying to sell computers and, instead, sold solutions. Our clients often find themselves too close to their products to understand how to market them to their customers. It's the fog of business, and our positioning sessions are designed to clear away that fog.

We have a specific process we follow that is designed to get you thinking a little differently about the things that have become static and unimaginative in your enterprise. We push you beyond your practiced answers and make you think about what you are saying and what assumptions or habits your standard answers imply.

An hour doing this can be one of the toughest hours you spend in your business, but so far everyone has come out of each of our hour-long sessions with new enthusiasm and ideas.

You see, we don't care if you like us. That's why our clients love us and continue to work with us for years. We still do business with our first client from 1997.

So, contact us for a free consultation and price discussion.